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Since 2000, we've helped investors and international landlords find, evaluate, and manage high-quality real estate investments in the U.S.

Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition

Our clients trust us to bring them high-quality, cash-flowing investment properties that require minimal management effort. We scour each of target markets for hidden gems and often overlooked opportunities.

Asset Management

Asset Management

We help our clients assemble a trustworthy and reliable local management team, usually consisting of a corporate attorney for entity structuring, a property inspector, a property manager, and a local banker.

Market Research

Market Research

Our clients rely on our ability to understand and interpret local real estate markets, anticipate significant market shifts, and recognize unique opportunties for growth.

Investment Markets

We have identified several real estate markets throughout the U.S. that offer the best opportunities for strong rental cashflow coupled with above-average capital appreciation.

Our Approach

We seek investment properties where we can maximize value while minimizing management effort and expense.

Maximizing Investment Value

As experienced landlords, we understand how to capitalize on all of the potential profit centers of residential rental properties. We also know how advanced techniques like lease/options and owner financing can dramatically increase investment return and monthly cashflow. We apply this experience and expertise toward helping our clients improve their bottom line.

Minimizing Management Effort

While a cheap property might sound like a great deal, we understand that acquisition cost is only a small part of the lifetime cost of a property. We know that the ability to easily find, manage, and (if necessary) evict a tenant can make the difference between a great deal and a troublesome money-pit. We only look for properties in solid rental-friendly neighborhoods, which facilitates finding quality, long-term tenants. Moreover, we seek locales where the law allows for the inexpensive and timely disposition of problem tenants. We take these extra steps to minimize the long-term expense of managing the properties we source.

Meet our Team

We are committed to assembling a team of best-in-class partners to achieve the financial objectives of our clients while ensuring transparency. Below are some of our joint-venture partners and collaborating professionals.

Home Pride Properties has a proven track record of sourcing creative investment deals that often use owner financing to spike yields and reduce upfront investor costs.


Mitch Messer

Sr. Asset Manager
Home Pride Properties, Inc.

PenniWise Investments specializes in high-end residential renovation projects as well as large project development. They provide outstanding returns for short- and mid-term investors.


Penni Zelinkoff

PenniWise Investments LLC

Rockworth Properties excells in acquiring, renovating, and leasing residential and commercial real estate to produce stable and high-yield cashflows.


Jason Romanack

Rockworth Properties

Blue Peach Realty has extensive experience in residential short sales, owner financing, property management and investment property acquisition.


Marta Brown

Principal Broker
Blue Peach Realty, LLC

Why Choose Us

  • Extreme Focus on Investment Return and Growth

    Exceeding our investors' financial goals is our primary objective, and we have the track record to prove it.

  • Vast Depth of Experience

    We've seen our share of market highs and lows. We understand how best to capitalize on the former while safeguarding investor gains against the latter.

  • Best-in-Class Partnerships

    We work with only the finest independent attorneys, property managers, and investment coordinators to provide complete transparency to our investors.

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